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Currency Converter

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The  currency converter (below) will enable you to compare the value of your foreign currency with the South African Rand (ZAR) equivalent or any other currency, before you leave for your wildlife safari, holiday, or business trip.

Before you travel, make sure you plan your finances, and calculate how much foreign exchange you'll need.

Scroll down for some useful South African currency tips.

Useful information
You are allowed to bring gift items into South Africa duty free to the value of ZAR400 at the time of writing, after which 20% duty is levied.

If you are a traveller or tourist in South Africa you'll be able to claim back the sales duty (Value Added Tax) of 14% on gift items you purchase locally, provided the total value is over ZAR250 at the time of writing. Work out your currency equivalent with the currency-converter above.

Hand your receipts in together with your passport at the VAT refund counter in the departure lounge at the Cape Town airport. You'll be given a standard form to fill in.

Don't forget about this duty free allowance when you are ready to fly back home, and hold on to your receipts. the sales tax will be refunded on your purchases.

Check out the live exchange rates for major currencies below.

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