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This excellent example of Leopard Art
is really true to life

Want to own quality leopard art?
You'll find an example pictured below. The original leopard in a tree has been created by an international artist specialising in animal pictures.

If you'd like some more information about this leopard art work and other outstanding South African wildlife pictures, please complete the form below and the artist will contact you directly.

The African Leopard
 "African leopards inhabit all of Africa, ranging from mountainous regions to grasslands and savannas. They can also live in desert and forest areas. They are very resilient and adaptable to their environment. They are often found resting or eating in trees. The African leopard varies in base color throughout Africa. Depending on the location and habitat, they can vary from reddish brown, through dark yellow to cream. African leopards are covered in black rosettes, usually without spots within them, the pattern of rosettes being unique to each individual. Male leopards are larger and heavier than females." From Wikipedia

Here is an example of a leopard at repose in a tree. This outstanding work of leopard art measures 30 x 40 cms.

Leopard art Leopard in a tree
The original leopard artwork is not watermarked
and created in pastel colors

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