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         Skukuza Rest Camp at the Kruger Park          

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What to take along
Common sense should determine what you carry with you in your car.
You don't want to break down between rest camps so have your vehicle serviced in advance. Take food and plenty of fluids. The Kruger Park can get really hot, especially in summer. Air conditioning is not just advisable, it's a must at this time of the year.

Besides your mobile phone (extensive coverage in the Park) binoculars and camera, I advise that you take a route map of the Game Reserve, some necessary tools, a first aid kit and spare water.

Your clothing should be in neutral shades and not bright colors. Long sleeved shirts and long trousers help to discourage insects in the evenings. Take a hat along, strong shoes and insect repellant. You'll need warmer clothing and a jacket in the cooler months.

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The Kids
Remember that being cooped up in a hot car for extended periods while you look out for wildlife can soon lead to boredom for the kids, so besides plenty of refreshments, take some games or puzzles along to keep them occupied.

The Rest Camps
These are on average 2 hours apart throughout the Kruger Park. Besides offering accommodation, most of the the camps provide  shopping, self catering, cafeteria and restaurant facilities as well as a swimming pool. Skukuza has a filling station. More on the camps here: Kruger Park Camps

Luxury accommodation in the Kruger National Park: Kruger Lodges

Animal viewing
There are eight private game reserves bordering the southern half of the Kruger National Park. The border fences have been removed allowing wildlife to range freely throughout the area. Most of the major mammals including the Big 5 are to be found in their natural habitat throughout the combined game reserves.

Lions. The triangle between Orpen, Satara and Letaba rest camps is said to contain the highest density of lions in the Kruger Park.

Three rest camps in the reserve offer
guided bush drives by experienced rangers. They are Skukuza, Letaba and Berg en Dal. Accompanied night drives are also available by request.

Looking for a package tour or safari?
There are a wide range of package tours and wildlife safaris available in the Greater Kruger Park. More details here: TourSA.com

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