Wildlife safaris in South Africa

Safari Essentials
Useful things to take along
and why you need them

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Ready for your wildlife safari? This page explains the safari essentials. It's basically about what you need to have with you on your South African safari trip.
To start with: Make sure you and your family has adequate medical and travel insurance. Bear in mind, if you visit the Kruger Park region you could be entering malaria affected areas and you'll need to take health precautions. You'll find more information here: malaria.org

Common sense
. What you should carry with you.
Identity documents are obvious. Take your passport and secondary ID such as a drivers license. Keep a copy of your main passport page. Spending money - traveller's cheques, credit cards and insurance details.

Your clothing: The African sun is strong. In summer in Kruger for example, you can expect hot sunny days and cool to chilly evenings. In winter, cool to warm days and cold evenings. When on your game drive or walking safari try to blend in with the environment. Bright colors will make you more obvious and may scare the animals you're trying to photograph.

Wear loose comfortable clothing in natural colors such as khaki, olive, brown or beige. Tee shirts and short pants combined with sunblock are acceptable during the day. Not forgetting of course a hat. In the evenings you will need to wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers for protection against mosquitoes. Take along a jersey and  a windbreaker.

More safari essentials

Useful things to take along: This depends on your personal preferences. Besides your toiletry and medical essentials, items such as insect repellent and good quality sunglasses are among the necessities. Include a first aid pack, sewing kit, spare torch batteries, a length of cord, pegs, spare camera films or memory card.

Your luggage: Also very much up to personal preference. If you are travelling with your own vehicle you could probably make space for a lot of luggage. In a tour or safari vehicle you would be limited. Take along quality bags or comfortable backpacks that can withstand being moved around. A smaller day pack for essentials is useful on game walks, or out and return safaris.

Your safari safety is paramount, so here's a page I've set up: Safari safety

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