Your Safari Safety
Some helpful pointers

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Safari safety
Your safari in South Africa would be that much more
enjoyable if you have peace of mind regarding the safety of you, your family and your possessions. Here are some pointers to help you along.

Your personal safety
If you are on a guided safari you'll be under the direction of your safari tour leader who would  advise you on safety procedures, and what you require in terms of documents and money. Safari Essentials

Should you arrange your own independent self drive safari, eg. in the Kruger Park, refer to the Park documentation and the admin personnel at your rest camp or lodge. Stay in touch with issues in the region you are touring through, by listening to news items and reading newspaper reports

Safari safety

Your valuables
Openly displaying valuables such as cameras and jewelry in towns or urban areas is not advised. Your personal documents and money should be kept close to you in a secure pocket or wallet while touring, or in the game reserve on safari.

How do you pay?
Most hotels and reputable shops accept credit cards and traveller's cheques, so it is not necessary and not advisable to carry large amounts of cash while travelling in South Africa. Don't leave your valuables and day bags unattended while on safari or touring, and if possible, keep your main luggage under lock and key at your accommodation premises while on your day trips.

Safari safety

Viewing the wildlife
There are various means of game viewing on the South African reserves, ranging from open top vehicles to walking trails. Your experienced safari guide is there to advise you on when it is safe to approach animals and what precautions to take. Kruger Park safaris

At some popular gathering points like water holes, animals become
used to the presence of humans gawking at them, and become seemingly easier to approach. Wild animals are dangerous however; they should not be underestimated and should never be antagonised.

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Looking for a package tour or safari?
There are a wide range of package tours and wildlife safaris available in South Africa More details here: Siyabona

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