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Wild Animals Pictures 

The wild animals pictures (below) could be yours to own.

Want to get up close and personal to the South African wildlife you love?

How about getting hold of a true-to-life pastel or water colour wildlife artwork, to keep as a special momento?

The thumbnails on this page are examples of South African wild animals pictures which have been created in true to life colors by a renowned international artist specialising in animal art.

Clicking on the thumbnails below will link you through to larger images, which will provide you with much clearer examples of what you can expect to see in the finished animal portraits.

Giraffe stooping to drink. Leopard in a tree Rhino

vigilent Lioness with cubs buffalo in pastel colors

Hippos sparring over territory Meerkats in pastel colors


Elephant family
The hippo are doing what is natural for them.. fighting over territory and the right to mate. On land, despite it's size, a hippo is surprisingly agile.

appealing image of meerkats is surprisingly lifelike. Meerkats are known for their sentry like poses atop their nests.

Above you see a giraffe in a typical splay-legged stance, bending its long neck while stooping to drink. The image is all the more realistic to me because it conveys a sense of fragility and aloofness.

The leopard in the tree, like any member of the cat family, is relaxing - but on his guard. He's fast and he's powerful. Click on the image for a larger example.

It's difficult to tell what is going through the mind of our belligerent looking white rhino. One thing we know for sure.. He'll take nonsense from no-one!

The majestic appeal of the queen of the beasts is captured in this excellent example of a lioness at repose with her cubs, and ever watchful.

The buffalo pictured here is amazingly real. He stares head-on at the artist, nostrils flaring, in a whimsical almost humanlike pose.

The bull elephant pictured here is guarding his family in an aggressive stance

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